Agence Dn’D is proud to announce the launch of PIMGento 2, the new connector between Akeneo PIM and Magento 2.
Following the success of PIMGento and the more and more pressing demand from our customers and the community regarding the compatibility of the connector between Akeneo PIM et Magento 2, our teams worked for several weeks to make the full benefits brought by PIMGento available for Magento 2.
Published just 1 year ago, PIMGento has already had the benefit of several evolutions, over a dozen contributors, and is currently used on many platforms worldwide. Since the official launch of Magento 2 in November 2015, projects using this platform are ever increasing. Many of the modules and connectors available for Magento 1 are gradually being adapted, or even entirely rebuilt for Magento 2.

This new connector, as its previous version, is available for free on GitHub.
Feel free to pass on us your requests or comments, the community and our teams will try to answer as soon as possible.

Why PIMGento 2?

Once the catalog enriched in the PIM, the products need to be transferred and displayed on the eCommerce Magento Website. This operation can sometimes be long and complex, so the Agence Dn’D team developed PIMGento aiming to reduce the import duration towards the eCommerce Website and to facilitate the insertion into Magento.
With the success of Akeneo and the growing number of projects on Magento 2, we have tailored the whole functioning of PIMGento to make it compatible with Magento 2.
You can check the page related to PIMGento to learn more about its functioning and watch our webinar.
Some features are still in Beta, but they will be included in the very next days.


The main objective of the PIM (Product Information Management) is to be the storage space for all the product data. This tool helps companies centralize and standardize all the technical and marketing information (description, images, price, technical characteristics, videos…). The PIM allows to gather all this information into one single database, regardless of its origin or destination (Excel file, ERP, translator…) and to enrich it as it comes in order to be able to use this information on various channels:
eCommerce website
Mobile application
Print catalogue
Interactive terminal
Salesman tablet

Akeneo PIM brings efficiency to marketing teams who are forced to use Excel files and/or unsuitable old tools.
As the first Akeneo PIM Gold Partner, feel free to contact us if you want to know more about setting up Akeneo with Magento!

Akeneo Gold Partner

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