We are pleased to announce that the PIMGento 2 API successor, Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 module, comes out on this Thursday, July 25, 2019.

Akeneo’s first Gold Partner in the world, the collaboration between Akeneo and Agence Dn’D gives birth to a connector allowing E-Merchants to import all their PIM catalogue datas directly into their Magento 2 platform, with ease and speed. The end of Magento 1 technical support being planned for June 2020, Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 will bring a real added value to E-Merchants migrating their platform to this latest version ; it’s therefore in a process of improvement and enhancement that we propose a module meeting the market needs.

With this evolution, a retrospective is required !

Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 origins

It all started in 2015 with the launch of PIMGento. This is a module developed by Agence Dn’D intended for automating the data import system from Akeneo’s catalogue to Magento 1. PIMGento is based on the files exported from Akeneo in CSV format to import them into Magento. Following the PIMGento success, our customers and the community growing demands to be able to import their Akeneo catalogue into Magento 2, our teams focused on the development of a new connector for Magento 2 : it is in this context that PIMGento 2 was launched in 2016.

Subsequently, the Akeneo API evolution allowed us to develop two new versions of the module called PIMGento 2 API and PIMGento API, respectively in 2018 and early 2019. Available for Magento both versions, these new modules are no longer based on exporting CSV files but on the Akeneo API in order to import catalog data to Magento : after enriching your data in Akeneo, all import configurations are done on Magento 2. Less heavy, faster and customizable, PIMGento API fully meets the issues import between Akeneo PIM and Magento 2 that E-Merchants with a large catalogue may encounter.

All these steps lead us today to write a new page in the collaboration between Akeneo and Agence Dn’D. PIMGento 2 API becomes the official connector between the two solutions and changes its name : now called Akeneo Connector for Magento 2, all the know-how remains the same and Agence Dn’D continues to develop new features while supporting this new module users.

History of the different connectors over the years

What changes for PIMGento 2 API holders

In facts, the module’s operation remains the same : you will find your options, filters and interfaces, which make the module reliable and easy to use in the same place as before within your Magento 2 platform.
The module name having changed, all the PIMGento 2 API mentions within your interface and code will therefore be replaced by « Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 ». In addition, the connector source code is now hosted directly on the Akeneo Github, involving a technical migration by your integrator to use its new version.

► You can find Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 via this link.

Current users have until September 25, 2019 to migrate to the new version of the connector until the repository is archived.

Finally, an official documentation hosted on the Akeneo Help Center is now available here. You will find an installation guide for Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 as well as all the essential informations related to the configuration and use of the module.

Migration Guide : PIMGento 2 / PIMGento 2 API to Akeneo Connector for Magento 2

You can migrate to Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 from any version of PIMGento 2, API or not. To do this, we have provided specific migration procedures to guide current PIMGento 2 users to the connector new version.

You can find our migration guides here.

It’s important to note that any overload performed on a previous version of PIMGento 2 will be rendered obsolete following the migration to Akeneo Connector for Magento 2. Therefore, we invite you to check and adapt any customizations made on your PIMGento 2 connectors, in order to make them compatible with this new version.

The two versions of Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 : Community and Premium

The Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 module has two versions : the Community version, free and recoverable on the Akeneo Marketplace, on the Magento Marketplace or on its official repository, as well as the Enterprise version, so-called « Premium », only available on request from Akeneo.

Discover the differences between the Community and Enterprise versions via the comparison below:

Features and benefits of the Enterprise version

1. Assets import

Only available on the Enterprise version, assets import allows you to import your image galleries from Akeneo to Magento 2 product images.

2. Access to a professional official support

The Enterprise version of Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 offers you access to an official professional support that is there to support you and answer your questions.
A dedicated section on the Akeneo Help Center is at your disposal to report all your requests regarding Akeneo Connector for Magento 2. You have technical support able to intervene on bugs, installation problems and to obtain advice on how to use the connector. Akeneo and Agence Dn’D are therefore working hand in hand on this support to provide quick and adapted answers to your needs, in order to solve any possible problems with the connector.

The Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 flat-rate model

As mentioned above, the connector Community version is available free of charge while the Enterprise version is available on request from Akeneo. For more information, we invite you to consult this link.

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