Following our new connector launch and development between Vue Storefront and Prismic, Dn’D Agency is proud to be the first and only VSF Core Partner in France.
Created in 2017 by the company Divante, Vue Storefront is a PWA solution, founded by Piotr Karwatka (CTO) and Filip Rakowski (CEO).

Vue Storefront is a standalone PWA able to connect on Magento eCommerce backend via the API and with any eCommerce platform (Pimcore, BigCommerce, Prestashop…). Created to address the many challenges facing eCommerce platforms, this Open Source solution offers a toolbox allowing companies to benefit of their own PWA. Plus, one of the main Vue Storefront objectives is to ensure an optimal user experience, similar to that of an native application.

Released with a MIT license, anyone can use and support Vue StoreFront ; indeed, its designers want to continue to improve it and contribute to its development.

Vue Storefront main features

1. Payment and delivery system

  • SSL security support for sensitive transactions and online orders
  • Management of multiple shipping addresses
  • Taxes and shipping costs calculation before checking out
  • Free shipping functionality
  • Online order of a page
  • Regarding analysis, Vue Storefront supports Google Analytics integration and all Magento 2 analysis features
  • Creation of a variety of reports (sales, taxes, product reviews, etc.)


2. The SSR : Service Side Rendering

Vue Storefront provides a variety of support functions such as SSR (Service Side Rendering) and meta-information management. It also offers URL rewriting controls and allows you to create user-friendly URLs for SEO.

3. IndexedDB database

This database located in the browser makes offline navigation possible. Everything, from browsing a store to placing an order, can be done without the Internet. The browser queue ensures that the order is automatically processed as soon as the user is online again. In addition, IndexedDB works in collaboration with service agents to reduce the average server response time to less than 0.3s, while the average client-side rendering time is less than 2s.

4. Native functionalities

Vue Storefront native application-like features allow it to benefit from push notifications, peripheral’s home screen access, full screen mode and to ensure that the online store still operates in offline mode, even with a poor connection, on any device.

5. An optimum compatibility with Magento

Integrated support for Magento 1 and Magento 2 allows to connect Vue Storefront to any other backend platform. Moreover, Vue Storefront and Magento 2 work perfectly together. These two solutions combination will help the Dn’D Team to build eCommerce platforms at a higher level within record time.

6. And many more !

The features list supported doesn’t end there. Of course, Vue Storefront also supports promotional marketing tools, order management, customer service and all other owning and operating eCommerce business aspects.

Vue Storefront benefits

Great reactivity

Equipped with the PWA approach, Vue StoreFront can display a product catalogue in a few milliseconds. This high speed is a real advantage since customers need to feel a real interaction.

Fewer traffic overloads on platforms

Traffic overload is a recurring problem encountered by E-merchants, especially those who experience rush periods during certain seasons, which can make navigation slow and uncomfortable. In response, Vue Storefront increases the different platforms endurance, so that an online store can handle high traffic peaks easily and ensure an excellent user experience to its customers.

Offline browsing

E-merchants can’t afford to allow a loss of connection occur between them and their customers. The interesting point here is the Vue Storefront ability to keep a fully functional online store even during a connection lost, so that E-merchants do not have to lose sales when these situations happen.

Multi-platform support

To remain competitive, an E-commerce platform must have both desktop and mobile showcases. To create a good shopping experience, it is necessary to use several applications dedicated to each platform. With Vue Storefront, it’s possible to manage its frontend development for mobile and computer screens, without having to use different applications from external search engines or platforms such as Android or iOs.

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